Public Events

Bella's Bouncies is proud to be certified for public events by The State of Illinois. Below is a summary of the law and how it pertains to party rental companies. Please contact Bella's Bouncies at 847-546-7000, or the State of IL Carnival Division at (217) 782-9347 if you have any further questions.

What events might be considered PUBLIC vs. PRIVATE? Any community event is public. And Fair or Festival is public. Most church events are public. Backyard parties are private. Most school events that take place for students only are private. A good rule of thumb is if it's an invite only event, it's most likely private. If anyone walking by the event could participate, then it's most likely public. These are only a few examples and by no way a completely inclusive list. Please call us if you have any questions. 

Every amusement ride and amusement attraction open to the public and operating in the State of Illinois must be inspected prior to initial operation and annually thereafter. To be inspected, every owner must first submit a completed application packet to the Department of Labor. Once a ride or attraction has been approved for operation by an inspector, a permit decal shall be affixed to each ride or attraction. Permits are valid for one calendar year (January 1st through December 31st).

At the time of inspection, owners are required to provide documentation that they have conducted a criminal history records check and sex offender registry check for all operators, attendants and assistants, provide documentation that they received proper training and have a substance abuse policy in place, which includes random drug testing.

Examples of amusement rides and attractions that require annual safety inspections prior to operation in the State of Illinois include, but are not limited to:

  • carnival rides
  • carousels
  • dry slides
  • haunted houses
  • go-kart tracks
  • ski lifts and rope tows
  • mechanical bulls
  • mobile climbing walls
  • power trampolines and eurobungees
  • ride simulators
  • trains
  • trams
  • inflatable attractions (i.e. moonwalks or bounce houses)

Click here to go to the State's website with all of the information

State's FAQ Page

List of companies certified by the State of Illinois

The items below are certified for the current year. If you would like to rent something that has not been certified for this year, we can get it certified for a fee of $100.

    2016 Certified
Category Item Yes No Not Needed
Interactives Batter Up     X
Bounce N Box   X  
Defender Dome   X  
Dual Lane Bungee Run X    
First Down     X
Foam Pit      
Giant Trikes (4) and Race Track     X
Hippo Chow Down x    
Human Foosball x    
Inflatable Twister X    
Leaps N Bounds x    
Pillow Fight   X  
Shooting Stars     X
Soccer Fever     X
Two Person Joust X    
Wrecking Ball X    
Zip Line      
Zorbie Balls and X Track x    
Category Item Yes No NA
Moonwalks 13*13 Modular   X  
15*15 Modular X    
Alien Jump   X  
Batman Jump   X  
Beagle Belly Bouncer X    
Bear Belly Bouncer   X  
Cake   X  
Camo Moonwalk   X  
Cars Jump   X  
Castle X    
Chicago Football Moonwalk   X  
Disney Frozen Jump   X  
Disney Princess 2 Jump   X  
Disney Princess Castle   X  
DORA Jump   X  
Dream Castle   X  
Fire Dog   X  
Frozen Jump   X  
Hello Kitty   X  
Justice League Jump   X  
Knights Castle   X  
Looney Tunes Jump   X  
Mickey Park Jump X    
Ninja Turtles Jump X    
Police Car Jump X    
Princess and the Frog Jump   X  
Pumpkin Jump X    
Racing Fun Jump   X  
Scooby Doo Jump   X  
Sesame Street Jump   X  
Sponge Bob Jump   X  
Sports USA Jump   X  
Superman Jump   X  
Tiger Belly Bouncer   X  
Tinker Bell Jump   X  
Toy Story Jump   X  
Tropical Palm Tree Moonwalk X    
Under The Sea    X  
Category Item Yes No NA
Combos Camo Combo   X  
Castle Combo X    
Dragons Den X    
Ferris Wheel x    
Fire Truck Combo X    
Frozen Combo X    
Mad Science Lab X    
Mickey Mouse Combo X    
Mod 4-in-1 X    
Mod 7-in-1 X    
Tropical Palm Tree Combo X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Obstacles 122' obstacle course X    
30' obstacle course X    
40' Camo obstacle course X    
40' obstacle course X    
65 ft Camo Obstacle Course X    
77' obstacle course X    
95’ Radical Run Obstacle Course X    
Ultimate Module Challenge X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Slides 19 Foot Rear Climb Dry Dual Lane Slide X    
20 Foot Fire N Ice   X  
22 Foot Corkscrew Wet Slide   X  
24 Foot Dual Lane Slide X    
27' Blue Crush X    
Big Kahuna Slide   X  
Dolphin Splash Down   X  
Dual Lane Slip-N-Slide X    
Frog Splash Down   X  
Modular Splash Down X    
Modular Splash Down - Dual Lane X    
Splash Island   X  
Steamer Stan Slide   X  
Tropical Splash Down X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Extreme Attractions Mechanical Bull X    
24' Rock Wall X    
Euro Bungee X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Trackless Train   X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Toddler Units Animal Kingdom X    
Fun Fair Park Jr x    
Laugh N Learn X    
Little Pirates X    
Category Item Yes No NA
Water Dunk Tank     X
Big Splash     X
Slime Machine     X